Jason Costumes

Jason costumes are one of the most popular costumes of all time. On Halloween chances are you will see Jason Voorhees costumes being worn by individuals of all ages. In fact, Jason costumes are made in a variety of sizes ranging from children and young adult to men’s plus size adult.

Any Jason costume is comprised of two major components; the rest is up to the individual wearing the costume. This leaves room for variation and creativity. A typical Jason costume is a hockey mask similar to that worn by a goalie and a machete.

It is for this reason that Jason costumes are a classic standby idea. Generally an individual can purchase these items for under $15 at a costume store. The signature items that make a Jason costume are easy to find as well as inexpensive.

Modern Jason Costumes

However, with the 2009 remake there is a whole new look to the traditional Jason costume. Jason costumes designed after the newer look of Jason Voorhees are also available. Although they may cost more, they offer more detail as well.

For serious “Friday the 13th” fans looking to get more in depth with their costumes, there are options available. As opposed to the traditional Jason Voorhees goalie mask, there are newer variations now available. Options for a scarier Jason mask include ones with hair and the latex mask based similar to the one used in the 2009 remake.

Distinguishing features between older Jason costumes as

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opposed to newer costumes are the masks. Older mask do not appear worn and appear almost white. Newer Jason costume masks appear almost brown in color giving them a more surreal and guttural appearance.

Jason Mask

The newer Jason mask comes in two different styles. One is a face mask with attached hair, while the other variation is latex over the head mask. The latex over the head mask features the distorted face beneath the goalie mask as well as having hair.

Wondering what to wear with your Jason mask? In the “Friday the 13th” film series, Jason was often shown in a jumpsuit. One can find a pair of coveralls similar to those worn by mechanics to complete any Jason costume.

Jason Costume Accessories

Accessories to compliment any Jason costume are now available. Items including latex hands, hockey jerseys, and fake blood for covering the machete, work well to finish any Jason costume. Jason costumes can be as simple or as complex as you wish-they are easy to customize.

If you are looking to purchase a premade Jason costume, they are readily accessible. One can find a Jason costume in varying degrees of price as well as scare factor. Costume shops online as well as brick and mortar stores are a great source for Jason costumes.

Whether you prefer the traditional goalie masked Jason costume, or the newer more intricate look Jason costumes are a common at any Halloween party. The image of Jason Voorhees is iconic. Goalie masks are synonymous with the 1980’s slasher genre of horror film.

Jason Voorhees Costumes

Jason costumes will long live on as a stale amongst costume stores worldwide. The horror icon will undoubtedly live on as a classic Halloween costume idea. Despite whether you choose the classic Jason Voorhees costume or the newer variation, his image will forever remain in the most popular of all Halloween costumes.